Historic Home Inspections

Historic homes are beautiful, architecturally  distinct residences that require knowledge and dedication in order to maintain their unique legacy.

Scot McLean is a historic home inspector and an active member of the Wisconsin Historical Society – whose mission is to preserve historic homes and structures through education.  His thorough knowledge of each home’s specific architecture and supporting maintenance requirements makes Towne & Country Building Inspection, Inc. a home owner’s best resource for historic home buyers and owners that wish to stay true to their home’s heritage.

Each historic home has a one-of-a-kind footprint that has national, state and local requirements to maintain its status as a historic entity as well as special maintenance needs. Towne & Country Building Inspection, Inc. understands how exciting and challenging it can be to own one of these lovely homes and takes great care in examining them to better enable buyers and owners to be aware of any areas that may need to be addressed.

In addition to recognized historic homes, we also have tremendous experience inspecting vintage homes, including many built before 1929. If you are considering purchasing a historic or vintage home in the Milwaukee area, give us a call today.