Radon Inspections

As the public becomes more aware of Radon, an increasing number of home owners and buyers are testing for Radon. If you test as part of the home buying process and the result is above the EPA’s action level, you will be in a very strong negotiating position for installation of a Radon mitigation system. If you do not, the chances are good that when you sell the house in the future, the buyer will test and will ask you to install a mitigation system if the levels are high. Performing a Radon test as part of the purchasing process is a smart business decision as it can save you approximately $1000 or more, not to mention preventing you and your family from the health risks associated with high Radon.

Radon is a radioactive gas that originates deep in the soil rises as radioactive decay. It cannot be seen and has no smell. It comes from the natural breakdown of uranium, and it moves up through the ground to the air above and into our homes through cracks in the basement floors and walls as well as through the drain tile system and sump crock. Many people use their basements for living space, working out, or as a shop, but they may have never had it tested for Radon. Additionally, if the Radon level is high, the upper levels of the home may also have high Radon levels.

Any home can have a radon problem despite how common or uncommon high levels of Radon are in that neighborhood. Testing is the only way to find out your home’s radon levels. If a high level of radon is detected, there are simple ways to fix the problem that are not too costly. Even extremely high levels can be reduced to acceptable levels. Scot McLean is one of the area’s few Home Inspectors who is certified in Radon testing through the EPA and National Radon Proficiency Program.

Visit lowradon.org for more information.

What to do during testing — Please do not OPEN ANY WINDOWS during the Radon Monitoring period. Opening windows can cause the Radon level to artificially rise. Also, please do not use the fireplace or woodstove as a primary heat source if at all possible. Use of the air conditioner and furnace fan is fully acceptable and approved. Simply normally operate the dryer, range hood fan, bath fans, as well as entering and exiting the residence.

Please DO NOT touch, cover, or alter the performance of the Radon monitoring computer. Altering conditions can void the test results, resulting in the need for re­testing and additional payment typically by the home seller. If an occurrence or accident happens, as can happen in any household, please contact our office and review the circumstances asap.

WE PLAN ON RETURNING for the radon monitor in the next few days. Feel free to contact our office as may be needed to assist this monitor process, as we are here to professionally and reliably provide the best results for all concerned parties.