Termite Inspections | Milwaukee

Here at Towne & Country, we are committed to providing a variety of top-quality inspection services to keep your home safe and sound.

One additional type of service we provide is termite inspection. Termites are small, but they can cause big damage. It is estimated that termites cause more than $5 billion worth of damage to private and commercial property every year – that’s more than all types of natural disasters put together.

Termites 101

So what is a termite? Termites are insects that feed on cellulose in plant material, like wood, soil, and dead leaves.

Termite roles and types

Termites live in large “colonies” made up of three different roles: workers, soldiers, and swarmers. Worker termites, white to gray in color, make up the largest population in a colony. These are the guys responsible for eating away at wood or other plant material.

Solider termites, larger and yellow-brown in color, protect the nest and repair damage to the termites home.

Swarmer termites, which may have wings and may be yellow or brown, are the breeders of the colony.

In Wisconsin, the most common type of termite is called the Eastern subterranean termite.

What is the cost of a termite inspection?

For most, the cost is $195 for a termite inspection. However, termite inspections are FREE for Veterans with a VA Loan included WITH the purchase of a Home Inspection.

Do I need a termite inspection?

If you are applying for a VA (Veterans Affairs) Loan, a termite inspection is required by the mortgage lenders. At Towne and Country Building Inspection, Inc, we provide FREE termite inspections for Veterans with a VA Loan included WITH the purchase of a Home Inspection. We appreciate all that our military does for our country, and that’s why we offer this free service for veterans.

For others, if there is reason to suspect termites, it is best to do an inspection so you know and have peace of mind, or to remedy any problems.

Where do termites live? 

Termites live in colonies of millions of members. Subterranean termites, the most common type in Wisconsin, build elaborate nests underground. One of the ways to detect termites on your property is to look for “mud tubes” on or around the exterior of your home or property. They may also build their nests in damp wood.

How to know if you need a termite inspection?

Because they tend to do their damage out of sight of the naked eye, it can be difficult to know you have termites before it’s too late. However, there are some signs that you should always look out for. If you notice any of the following, call Towne & Country for a termite inspection right away.

Signs you may have termites: 

  • A next-door neighbor has termites or is getting termite-elimination services. Swarms of termites may move to your home.
  • Small mud tubes bored into the soil around your home or directly into the exterior of your home
  • Soft or damp wood in your house that, when you tap on it, sounds hollow
  • Cracks or bubbles in wall or ceiling paint
  • Darkened or damaged wood in the home
  • Swarms of termites around indoor or outdoor lights
  • Damage to outdoor wood elements, like fences, decks, or trim
  • Small mounds of sawdust-like feces near mud tubes

Call T&C for your termite inspection needs
If you notice any of the signs above, call Towne & Country immediately. We are your reliable, licensed, and experienced termite inspector and, if we find termite damage on your property, can make an educated recommendation for next steps.

If you think you might have termites but aren’t sure, it’s much better to be safe than sorry. Give us a call today.

Termite Inspection FAQ

What is a termite? 

Termites are a type of insect that live in colonies and eat the cellulose in plant material like wood. While they are not directly dangerous to humans, they can be dangerous to the structure of your home by eating away at important structural elements made of wood. The most common type of termite in Wisconsin is the Eastern subterranean termite, which builds its nest either underground or in damp, soft wood.

What do termites look like? 

Within each species of termite, there are variations in color and size based on their role in the colony. Worker termites are generally white to gray in color, wingless, and soft-bodied. Soldier termites are slightly larger with rectangular heads and yellow-brown in color. Swarmer termites may or may not have wings and are brown or yellow in color.

If you see termites in your home you may think they are flying ants. However, you can tell the difference between these two types of insects: flying, swarming termites have four same-sized wings and broad bodies. Flying ants have three body segments and wings of differing sizes.

Where do termites live? 

Eastern subterranean termites, the most common species in the Milwaukee area, make their nests either in the ground near a home or directly in soft, damp wood. You may notice small “mud tubes” in the ground around your home or directly in the exterior of your home, which can indicate a termite nest. If you notice these mud tubes, call Towne & Country to schedule your termite inspection right away.

How do I know if my home has termites? 

See above for a comprehensive list of signs that your home may have termites. These include holes in the exterior wood of your home (be sure to check fences, decks, and trim as well), cracked or peeling paint, and swarms of termites around indoor or outdoor lights. If you notice any of these signs, call Towne & Country right away to schedule an inspection.

Are termites dangerous? 

Termites are not directly dangerous to your health, but the damage they cause to a home may have dire consequences. Unaddressed termite damage to key structural elements of the home may cause shifting, cracking, or even ceilings and walls falling down.

How long does a termite inspection take? 

Our termite inspectors do their very best to provide a comprehensive, effective, and efficient inspection as soon as possible after you call. How long the inspection takes will depend on the size of the property.

Do I need to be present for a termite inspection? 

Yes. Not only do we need access to the interior of your home but our termite inspector will want to let you know next steps you should take immediately if they find damage on your property. This is also a great chance for you to learn the signs of termite damage so you can keep an eye out in the future.