What Our Customers Are Saying

Scot did a superior job inspecting my house before I bought it. He patiently explained what repairs were needed and referred me to specialists who did excellent work.

— Ron W.
Milwaukee, WI

We give the highest rating in all areas to Scot and Bonnie. We have used other home inspection services in the past, and just completed a home inspection with Towne and Country for a property we have an accepted offer on. Scot and Bonnie are very responsive, friendly, professional and easy to work with. Scot provided the most thorough, comprehensive, clear and useful inspection and report we have ever had. In addition, they can provide you with a list of reputable contractors for any services that the inspection may indicate are needed or that you may just want to have done. On a scale of 1 to 10, we give them a definite 10!

— Jim F.

Scot and his team at Towne & Country did an incredible job from scheduling to follow up. The inspectors were knowledgeable, and helpful in explaining every detail of the inspection. The report was delivered promptly and they followed up with me to see if I had any additional questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend Towne & Country for any home inspection.

— Marcus S.

Scot was great. This was the third time that I used him and could not be happier. My original inspection had to be cancelled due to a medical emergency but Scot was able to fill in and pick up the inspection within 24 hours. As usual, he did a thorough job and was pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend Scot and Towne and Country to anyone looking for an inspection.

— Joe F.

We have used Scot for several properties over the past 4 years and were extremely satisfied each and every time. He is thorough, extremely knowledgeable about many property types and provides additional insight. We always feel confident afterwards knowing exactly what issues we may be looking at both immediately and down the road a few years. He has always been spot on. His pictures and detailed reports are laid out well and completely in a timely manner. We always recommend Scot and appreciate his dedication to this profession.

— Natalie N.

I have used Scot for many years now and he has saved my bacon on at least a couple occasions. More importantly, he is professional, polite, descriptive and thorough – everything you want in an inspector.

His reports are very detailed and include plenty of pictures. As you walk through the house he will take the time to point out his observations and explain them in a very approachable way. If I am in the market for a house and need an inspection, he is my first and only phone call. Thanks Towne and Country Building Inspection and team!

— Adam R.

Towne and Country inspection are the best in the business, not only in Wisconsin but i would argue nationwide. There is no one more knowledgeable, courteous, professional, kind, caring, respectful, and honest than the Towne and Country team. There is nobody I trust more in the business than T&C. Easily, hand downs, no questions asked, not opinion but scientific fact, these are the best and most trustworthy group. Stop looking anywhere else. Towne and Country are the best in the business.

— Albert M.

Inspection was great!! He was able to find a couple issues and referred us to additional specialists when necessary. I really appreciated that he told us when it needed to be checked by someone else, in the end it helped us a lot. Scot was knowledgeable and professional and Bonnie was easy to work with and very friendly.

— Elissa C.

Scot was very helpful to provide not only the basic information regarding building codes and possibl areas of concern, but he was also able to provide some history into why the situation may exist. He was extremely flexible and able to work around my busy schedule. He is more than willing to explain things and is concerned that I understand the issue, thanks Scot.

— Dean K.

Scot is WONDERFUL! Our home inspection was so informative. He took the time to explain the major needs to us, and he also went out of his way to share general tips and tricks with us to have a well-run home. I could not recommend him more!

— Joel S.

Scot and Bonnie are not only approachable and down to earth, they are genuinely good people who care about us as buyers. Scot is a font of knowledge, and willing to share. As a first time home buyer, I had loads of questions, even calling him several times after the report was delivered, and he was always patient and open with us and ready to share his knowledge and advice. I highly recommend Towne & Country to friends and family, and we’ll certainly be using them again for our next home inspection (when the time comes).

— Craig K.

Fantastic inspector! Scot really explained things well, took great pictures, and gave us ideas on what to do after the close.

— Matthew S.

I found Scot to be extremely thorough and informative. He took a lot of time to provide me with useful information about my new home including ways to make improvements, and suggestions on what to tell my insurance company. He also shared interesting details about my home that I wouldn’t have known, and I felt it was very easy to ask him for clarification on things he mentioned. He has also continued to answer my questions and has provided recommendations for contractors following the inspection. I would highly recommend Scot to friends and family.

— Nicole L.

Scot is WONDERFUL! Our home inspection was so informative. He took the time to explain the major needs to us, and he also went out of his way to share general tips and tricks with us to have a well-run home. I could not recommend him more!

— Craig K.

We truly appreciated the detailed inspection report and in-depth tour you provided … guiding us with such care and pointing out what needed to be taken care of. We are very lucky to have worked with a professional like you, Scot!

— Elizabeth S.
Waukesha, WI

Thank you for all your help and insights inspecting our future home. We feel confident in purchasing the house. And I am making sure my friend who will need an inspection soon contacts you!

— Steven K.
Milwaukee, WI

Thank you so very much for the thorough inspection report on our future home! Your expert insight helped us to better understand the value and responsibility of owning our first home. We are very lucky to work with professionals like you, who take the time to guide us with such care.

— Elisabeth & Oscar S.
Milwaukee, WI

As a first time home buyer, Scot and Bonnie came highly recommended and they did not disappoint! Scot was extremely thorough in his inspection of our house and went out of his way to outline important areas to monitor and provided tips and tricks for home maintenance in the future. Scot answered all of my questions, turned his report around in less than 6 hours and followed up with me to make sure I was comfortable with everything the next morning.

I could not have been more impressed with the work that was done. I know that we will continue to work with Scott and Bonnie moving forward and would recommend them to anyone, but especially first time home buyers. The peace of mind he created and education he offered was unexpected. I would recommend Towne and Country to anyone, but especially first time home buyers.

— Benjamin K.

I found Scot to be extremely thorough and informative. He took a lot of time to provide me with useful information about my new home including ways to make improvements, and suggestions on what to tell my insurance company. He also shared interesting details about my home that I wouldn’t have known, and I felt it was very easy to ask him for clarification on things he mentioned. He has also continued to answer my questions and has provided recommendations for contractors following the inspection. I would highly recommend Scot to friends and family.

— Nicole L.

Scot was great, very personable, helpful, and thorough. I especially appreciated his patience and kind demeanor as I asked questions during the inspection to learn not only what I may need to address as the new owner of the unit, but also to learn some simple “Repairs/Upkeep 101.” Not only did I get a good inspection, but I believe I now have a partnership with someone I can count on to guide and offer connections to contractors I can trust for repairs into the future. Thanks Scot!!

— Cheryl F.

Scot was very knowledgeable of all areas of the home. His good nature and disposition made my wife and I feel comfortable to ask him any question we wanted. We left the inspection feeling that we had enough information to help with our decision to purchase the home. I will only use Town and Country Building Inspection Inc for all my home inspection needs!
Thanks Scot!!

— Tony W.

I’ve worked with Scot for home inspections on three different occasions. He has been great to work with during my house buying adventure. I was walked through step by step of what was being looked for in the various areas of the house. If issues were found, I was given information on how or who I should contact to perform the fix, information on prevention, and as needed professionals were recommended to be brought in for further inspection.

After the inspection I was sent a very detailed report that included the various areas of the house, what the condition was of that area, recommended steps to cure any problems areas, photos, and maintenance steps that should be taken.

— Megan C.

I had a great experience doing my home inspection with Scot! He took time to explain everything to me, from small, ongoing upkeep items that I should be aware of, to larger items that I needed the seller to look into. He was patient and was able to explain things in a way that I could understand. He was prompt with his report and responded to all questions I had. He was very professional and thorough in his inspection. I appreciated all of the little tips and helpful hints he gave me.

— Kara S.

We’ve used Scott twice for home inspections and will use him again on our next house. He’s thorough, professional, and honest. We absolutely trust his experience and explanations.
— Robin H.

Scot is the real deal. We just completed our third home inspection with him. He inspected our current home when we bought it about five years ago. We called him again last month to visit us for a pre-inspection of the same home. And, of course, we called him to inspect the home we are purchasing. There are three things about him that keep us coming back: thorough, knowledgeable and professional. Visually inspects everything that can’t be accessed. Checks everything that can be accessed meticulously. Knows building codes, design, practices and construction techniques.

During and afterward, takes the time to explain operation of equipment, potential maintenance items and defects, if any. Scot absolutely watches out for your best interest and safety as a buyer and/or ensures the integrity of the home whether a buyer or seller. In our particular case, he identified a historically problematic furnace called the Lennox Pulse in the home we were to buy, recommending an inspection by an expert to determine its integrity. Sure enough, the heat exchanger was diagnosed by a dealer as cracked, and we avoided a serious safety hazard and financial dilemma. He is what home inspections are all about and he stands behind his work. We trust him.

— Ryan H.
I was so thankful that Scot at Towne and Country was able to perform my home inspection on such short notice. He was punctual, patient, and very thorough. As a first time home buyer, I really appreciated him taking time to point out, explain, and evaluate all features of the home, pointing out both the positive aspects as well as any negative features in need of improvement or to simply be aware of. Scot was very knowledgeable and seemed to really have my best interest in mind. I would gladly recommend his services.
— Lora S.
Scott did a great job walking me through and spending time pointing out areas of concern. No rush job. Great recommendations.
— Mark M.
Scot did a fantastic job on my new construction home inspection. He helped identify an issue with the siding install, which I am now using to discuss remediation with the builder. Scot took the time to walk through the inspection with me and was very helpful with answering all my questions. I highly recommend him!
— Cynthia R.
We used Scot in a different way. We aren’t planning on selling our house right away. Instead, we wanted to know what needed fixing and updating over the next few years. We’ve implemented his recommendations and our house should be in good sale condition by next year. Thanks, Scot. It was a very smart move to hire you.
— Anne M.
We are SO SO very glad that Scott was suggested to be our building inspector. He came out and did a great job. He found issues with the house and recommended an additional specialized inspection by another firm. They saved us from buying a house with what we considered to be major issues. We are so appreciative. Scott was so easy to work with and helpful in showing us lots of things in the house (good and bad).
I will hire him again – no question!
— Carole C.
Scot was a complete lifesaver! Over Memorial Day weekend we ended up having 24 hours to conduct a home inspection on the home we were purchasing and Scott come through for us! He was referred to us by a friend and we were extremely pleased with his work. He was very thorough, experienced and provided us with incredibly helpful insights to help us understand our home inspection. We would recommend Towne and Country to all our friends and family!
— Emily H.
We had an excellent experience with Towne & Country. Scot was knowledgeable, thorough, and followed-up with us multiple times to answer our questions. He provided a detailed electronic report with pictures, care tips for our wood shingle roof, and recommendations for increasing our energy efficiency. Highly recommend.
— Kyle J.

I highly recommend Towne & Country. Scot is extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. He did a great job of taking me through the inspection process and explaining everything in great detail. I will definitely use Scot again for any future home inspections.

— Will Schwartz.

I would highly recommend Towne & Country Home Inspection!! I was extremely impressed with Scot’s knowledge, the thoroughness of his inspection, and the detailed report that he provided (which even included photos!). As a first-time homebuyer, I also really appreciated his willingness to explain to certain issues with the home and provide maintenance tips for the future. I feel very lucky to have hired Towne & Country!

— Kaitlin Lamb.

Scot was terrific. We were attempting to buy a house from out-of-state; we were entirely dependent upon his assessment of an older home, which was thorough, objective, and utterly professional. Upon his recommendations, we followed up with the appropriate third-party inspections. As such, we entered into purchase negotiations fully informed, ultimately avoiding a huge, expensive, and long-term mistake. Thank you, Scot!!

—Jonathan Goldstein.

I had a great experience with Scot and Towne & Country. They were responsive and true to their word on timing. Scot checked in with me the day before the inspection to make sure I didn’t have any questions for him going in. He has tremendous experience with and appreciation for older homes like mine (1915) and was a wealth of information even outside of the inspection context. He was incredibly thorough and his report reflected that. And he turned the report around really quickly. He also helped me keep perspective when we would talk about potential problems that seemed scary to someone without experience with older homes. He would reassure me that all old homes have issues and was very clear when things could be left alone vs. had to be dealt with. I was so grateful for his guidance. Highly recommend!

—Julie D’Angelo.

Scot’s attention to detail is outstanding !!!! His wealth of experience shows, He sees things that many would miss, and being on an inspection with him is so very educational. As he is always willing to educate on things to look out for in the future, history of structures and trends. He is witty, personable and easy to work with…..the reports are excellent and pays attention to detail. I will use his inspection services again and again and recommend him to all.
Thanks for everything Scot !!

—wendell alfred.

Did a great job with our home inspection, took his time and was great at explaining his findings! Showed great Expertise and knowledge!

—Danielle Grulke.

Scot was awesome. He arrived early to take pictures and address any concerns I had prior to entering. Throughout the entire inspection, he informed me not only of defects he saw, but of future issues that could arise. He even explained to me how to mitigate those issues and estimated costs so I knew what I was getting into. I was impressed how he took his time on each and every aspect of the home and continually asked me if I had any questions or concerns. The report came within the same day, and he even followed up with a phone call two days later to make sure I understood everything. The next home I purchase I will definitely be going with Town & Country!! I can’t imagine anyone else could come close to matching the service I got with Scot.

—Mark Jeranek.

Scot W. McLean & his wife we’re great!! They were able to give me a thorough & complete home inspection in a matter of days!!
I was impressed that Scot answered all my questions without hesitation, he understood that my husband was not able to make the inspection so he allowed me to take notes and updated me patiently!!
Towne & Country
You have truly blessed us on this homeowner journey.

—Angela Sanchez.

Working with Scot was a wonderful experience. They were able to squeeze me in on Mother’s day with only having scheduled that two days prior! Scot was very thorough and explained everything to me. I am a first time home buyer, so he took the time to help me understand along with giving me home owner tips that will help me with my house in the long run. He was kind and understanding. I cannot say anything but great things about working with Towne and Country Home Inspection!

—Samantha Bear.

Scot is a magnificent inspector with a keen eye for detail, patient in explaining every element being evaluated, thorough, meticulous in documenting both in photos and in notes any and all issues, honest in forthright in conclusions. Professional and generous. Highly recommended!

—Josh Schmidt.

I recently used Scot for an inspection on a property I’m purchasing in Glendale, WI. Scot was great – answered all my questions and was courteous, knowledgeable and on-time. I got the inspection report very quickly after the inspection and the radon results 2 days later. I would certainly recommend him to others.

—Mat Meadows.

I was able to have Scott come out to inspect the house that we had just got an accepted offer on and he was very friendly and didnt mind company tagging along with him as he inspected the property. Very friendly and affordable.

—Peter Kowalewski.

I highly recommend using Towne and Country for your home inspection. I had a great experience. When I called to set up the appointment the women was very friendly and was great setting up the appointment at a time that worked best for me. Scot the home inspector was amazing. He made sure to explain everything he was looking at and made sure we understood everything well. He answered all our questions along the way and made us feel really good leaving the inspection knowing all our questions were answered and that he was still available to us at anytime if we had any questions. I can’t say enough good things about this company. I would recommend them to anyone.

—Rachael Wardon.

Professional and timely, I would recommend T & C radon testing service.

—Kaye Pederson.

Scot was great. He was thorough and very clear about what everything meant. As a first time home buyer, I had never gone through this process and I thought that Scot was amazing. He provided a detailed printout with photos and detailed everything that we needed to be aware of. Also, very personable and easy to deal with.

—Adam McCullough.

Great customer service from Bonnie, she was great setting up the inspection appointment. I called in on a Monday and the inspection was scheduled for Wednesday. Scott has a lot of knowledge and provided me with a lot of suggestions to save energy and how to run the house more efficient. Scott made me feel comfortable all the way through the entire inspection. I truly recommend Towne & Country Home Inspection to anyone; the price is reasonable too!

—Jaime Lozada.

Thanks again to Scot for doing such a great job with our pre-purchase inspection, and for being both so patient and accommodating by answering my questions in so much detail. Furthermore, I appreciate how thorough he was. It is a rarity to find inspectors with such attention to detail!
I feel with the information he provided, my wife and I can now proceed with our new family home in confidence! I would definitely use him again!

—Carlos Pineda.

Scot was the absolute BEST! He was beyond knowledgeable and was incredible to work with! He made our first home inspection so comfortable. I can’t say enough about how wonderful our experience was!

—emily manthey.

I highly recommend this service without reservations. Scot takes the time to answer all questions. He is thorough and doesn’t rush anything. The report is very detailed and if you have any questions about it Scot is quick to answer. Very glad to have gone with Towne & Country!


Excellent experience throughout;! Booking with Scot and Bonnie was a breeze. The actual inspection itself with Brian was extremely helpful in setting us at ease as he walked me through the intricacies of our first home. I found him patient, thorough and thoughtful during the inspection and throughout the detailed notes and recommended maintenance in the inspection report. A very worthy investment. Highly recommend!

—Elizabeth Egan.