Round ‘n Round with Round Meters:

Many homes have flickering or dimming lights and other frequent power issues due to lack of amperage capacity and old wiring. Upgrading the meter base and electrical service will eliminate these problems and provide additional circuits that accommodate increase energy use.

How to tell what kind of meter you have:   

60 vs. 100 Amps

In order to know how powerful your meter is and/or if it meets the new code standards, you must look at its base. The meter base is the enclosure that houses an electric meter and keeps all the electrical connections and wires inside dry and protected from the elements. Some round meter bases are older and typically supply only 60 amps of power. The vast majority of modern meter bases are square or rectangular and deliver 100-200 amps of power, which is what a modern home require. If your home has a round meter, it may need to be upgraded prior to a sale or purchase to meet new insurance standards,lending requirements, and consumer power usage.

Did you know?

1. Most insurance companies and lenders will not cover homes with a round meter socket with a 60 amp service.

2. Some round meters are marked as 100 amps but are often only 60 amps. Only a licensed electrician can determine if the meter and system has the proper amperage.

3. Power companies are only responsible for supplying the meter to your home and the power to it. The home owner is responsible for all the equipment from the point of attachment onward.