Give Your House a Facelift Refresh, Renew, Restore your Siding

give-your-house-a-faceliftWhen selling your home, curb appeal is essential. However, it isn’t all pretty flowers and shrubs that your buyer is purchasing. It’s the house itself.

For a very modest investment, you may find giving your house a little facelift by restoring or repairing your siding will greatly improve the appeal and structure of your home, and increase it’s odds of selling.

Below here are some easy and inexpensive cleaning routines to revive your home’s siding by cleaning it with the right tools and chemicals.


Wood Siding
Wood siding on homes are typically made from Cedar wood. This material is susceptible to growing alge of mildew so it should be cleaned periodically. Left untreated the dampness can rot the wood and lead to the siding having to be replaced. Cedar can be cleaned safely and easily by using a light power washer. Simply hook a power washer up to a water source such as a garden hose and insert the yellow tip to avoid damage. Apply the pressure washer detergent as the instructions indicate. To eliminate mold and mildew use a solution purchased from your local hardware store. Test a small section to ensure there is not too much bleach. Spray your entire house and watch the soiled siding become new again.

Vinyl Siding
Although vinyl siding is fade resistant, this material is susceptible to discoloration and chemical staining. The good news is that a simple water and mild detergent solution can remove those imperfections from siding. In addition to the cleaning solution, you may need a pole to attach to a soft brush for scrubbing the upper rows of siding. Once all of the supplies have been gathered and prepared, wet the siding. Starting at the bottom, scrub the siding with the solution, gradually moving toward the top row until the siding has been thoroughly cleaned. Rinse the siding again and the task is complete.

Aluminum Siding
The basic cleaning process for aluminum siding is very similar to vinyl siding: soak the siding, scrub the siding and finish by rinsing the siding. The differences in restoring the two comes from the finish on aluminum siding. Since aluminum siding can be painted, obtaining the original paint and luster requires more intensive scrubbing and stronger chemicals.

After the siding has been cleaned, you can apply Armor All other approved products to the area to restore the luster of the siding.

In cases where the discoloration is severe, repainting the siding is a good option. To ensure a flawless paint job, clean the siding and then paint with 100 percent acrylic paint.

Brick Exterior
If you’re lucky enough to have a home with charming brick walls, keep them looking their vey best by keeping them clean. Cleaning brick is actually fairly simple as long as you have the right tools. Prep the area by covering any shrubs or greenery with a tarp, and sealing the windows with painters tape. To get rid of the first simply attach a pressure washer to a water source such as a garden hose.If there are any areas where the brick is damaged refrain from using the pressure washer in that area. Take a steel brush and scrub with detergent and warm water.

Hard to Remove Stains
For any difficult stains, consult or 1.888.367.8741 for advice or reference the following chart to remove stubborn stains.

Crayon Lestoil
Felt-tip pen Fantastik, water-based cleaners
Grass, grease and oil Fantastik, Lysol, Windex
Rust Fantastik, Windex
Tar Soft Scrub
Dirt, soil Fantastik, Lestoil


If you choose to repaint your wood or aluminum siding, clean the surface before applying the primer coat. A primer is necessary particularly when painting over darker surfaces with lighter colors or over glossy finishes. Paint can be brushed, rolled or sprayed onto the siding.  Avoiding painting in direct sunlight or in poor weather conditions to achieve the highest quality paint job.

You may also have to replace caulk on your siding. Purchase the best option available to you at a price point that you feel comfortable spending on the product.


Using this information as a reference will make restoring your siding well worth your effort. If you feel that cleaning and resurfacing you siding still is not enough, consult your local NARI chapter of licensed and bonded contractors for a quote on comprehensive restoration.

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