Who Should Attend the Home Inspection

Who Should Attend the Home InspectionHome inspections are an integral part of a complicated recipe; if you don’t have all of the proper ingredients or know the measurements, the final product can end very poorly. Every chef should have all of the pertinent information before completing his dish.

Property inspections are not just for the homebuyer or the home seller, but for everyone involved in the transaction, a process which is often times misunderstood. If you’re wondering who should attend a property inspection, you’re not alone. Not only should the home buyer be present, but ideally the buyer’s agent and the listing agent should also attend.

There are several reasons that all three parties should be present at the inspection, not the least of which is to ensure the inspection is thorough and all questions are answered. If you have a home inspector who does not assess the areas that all parties are interested in, you are left with an incomplete recipe. Being at the assessment allows everyone to have first-hand knowledge of the findings, ask questions for clarity, and have a complete understanding of the findings. Here are some of the reasons that the buyer, the buyer’s agent and the listing agent should all attend the home inspection.

1. Agents can learn much more than just about the home- Inspectors can be a valuable resource for agents, not only in better understanding the inspection itself, but by using that knowledge throughout their careers.

2. Home inspections are not all the same- Not all home inspection reports are written in the same language, meaning that certain details such as seller’s credit or the list of the buyer’s wanted repairs may not be abundantly clear. The listing agent, buyer’s agent and the buyer will all want to make sure these details are included.

3. Repair requests are clear- First hand knowledge of which areas the property inspector says are major issues versus those that do not present a problem will help all those involved in the process sift through what needs to be repaired and what does not. This is much more easily done in person when questions can be asked, rather than reading through a report after-the-fact.

4. Home inspections can be skewed to favor one side or the other – Many home inspections are going to come away with a red flag, or several.  This can lead to the agents attempting to use these as leverage to get what they want from the seller or having to start the process all over again. If all parties are present, everyone will know which of these red flags are truly important.

5. Attendance by all creates a clear picture for all- The considerations listed above can be a deciding factor in whether or not a deal happens. By making sure the seller’s agent, the buyer’s agent, and the buyer are all in attendance, all expectations should be on the table and everyone on the same page. Be sure that your home inspector is willing to accommodate all. 

The success of a transaction is conditional upon all parties agreeing, and that is more readily achieved if everyone has the same information first hand. In today’s modern world, agents are mobile and should be able to prioritize being available for property inspections.