Easy Cosmetic Home Updates to Make Before You Sell

Are you preparing to sell your home but wondering what you can do to ensure buyers are interested? You may be surprised to hear that you don’t need to do a major kitchen remodel or add a basement bathroom to increase your home’s selling power. In fact, the inexpensive cosmetic updates you make before selling your home will most certainly pay off, while pricier fixes probably won’t. 

Easy Home Fixes to Sell Your Home | Milwaukee

Here are our favorite quick-fix tips for getting your home ready to sell: 


General tips

  • Clean your house from top to bottom – including windows, baseboards, basement, and garage. 
  • Bring as much light into the home as possible. Remove curtains or pull them back, install brighter light bulbs, and trim bushes and trees that block natural light. 
  • Reduce furniture and clutter by about 30% and put it into storage. This will make your home look larger. Bonus tip: spend the money for a storage unit rather than loading up your garage with stuff – buyers will see it! 
  • Organize and limit clutter in all closets, drawers, and cabinets. Buyers are bound to open doors and drawers to get a sense of the amount of storage available. 
  • Get carpets professionally cleaned. 
  • Remove all signs of a pet, including bowls, toys, and hair on furniture. Certain buyers may be turned off if they know a pet has lived in the home. 
  • Put away personal items like photos, collectibles, and keepsakes so the buyer can visualize their own items in the home. 



  • The front yard of your home is likely the first thing a potential buyer will see, so make sure it looks great. 
  • Trim bushes and trees and keep the grass mowed. 
  • Consider updating your landscape by adding shrubs or perennials. 
  • Add a hanging flower basket or window boxes with colorful flowers in various heights. 
  • Put in sod to fill in gaps in your lawn. 


Home Exterior

  • A fresh coat of paint can dramatically update the look of a home. Choose a light neutral color to ensure you don’t turn off potential buyers. 
  • Remove old window awnings for a more up-to-date look. 
  • Re-stain wood accents. 



  • Clear out all clutter including coats, keys, and junk mail. 
  • Add a vase of fresh-cut flowers and/or a plate of cookies to welcome the potential buyers into the home. 


Living Room

  • To make the home’s main gathering space feel larger, move furniture away from walls. 
  • Remove, clean, or update curtains or window treatments. 
  • Add crown molding for a sophisticated, high-end touch.
  • Update light switch plates.



  • This is an easy one: make sure your bed is made, dresser drawers are shut, and everything is picked up off the floor. 
  • Swap an old light fixture for a small chandelier. 
  • If your closet has sliding doors, make sure they are on track and open smoothly.  



  • Instead of completely replacing cabinets, sand and paint them for a fresh look. 
  • Change out window treatments or remove them to maximize natural light. 
  • Update the backsplash with subway tiles or tin ceiling tiles for a cheap, eye-catching detail buyers will love. 
  • If your appliances work great but aren’t stainless steel, consider applying a coat of electrostatic paint to give them a metallic look. 



  • Re-caulk around tub and make sure all signs of mold are removed. 
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint in a light, neutral color. 
  • Update fixtures. 
  • Update countertop. 
  • Fix leaky faucets. 
  • Avoid anything too trendy – you want to provide a potential buyer a clean slate so they can visualize what they would do with the space. 


Now that your home is looking its best, our final tip is to keep it that way. Make sure your home is always ready to show; wash dishes and put them away, keep all bathrooms clean, dust daily, and air out the home to keep the atmosphere fresh. 
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