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We Could All Use an Energy Boost Home Energy Assessments

Energy costs continue to rise despite advances in technology. Whether you’re already settled into a home or are buying one, understanding its energy performance is more critical than ever. Getting an Energy Audit will improve your home’s use of energy, reduce costs, and increase your comfort and enjoyment of your home as well. NOTE: If […]

It’s Good to Vent… The Attic

Your home should be a respite of comfort, even during the most humid months in Wisconsin. However, that can be challenging when one of the most common problems homeowners face is inadequate attic ventilation. Poor attic ventilation can make your home unbearably warm and cause damage to the roof (e.g. fatigue the sheathing) when moisture gets […]

Stop Leaking Profits (Part 2)

The big ticket items are where the equity disappears.  One of the biggest is the roof.  Once a potential home owner sees water damage on the walls or ceilings; notices the old shingles or is alerted by their home inspector that there is a roofing problem that equity quickly vanishes. A pre-listing inspection can not only let a seller […]

Stop Leaking Profits (part 1)

It’s spring and the rain is here! Don’t allow the final home inspection to turn up problems in the basement.  Be aware of tell tale signs of basement leaks and be able to offer the home owner a few quick, inexpensive fixes Leaks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Hidden leaks under the soil […]

Spring Window Care

As you open up your windows for spring; it’s important to look around for leaks, cracks, breaks, wear and every other conceivable problem that can develop over the winter.  As a Home Inspector I have found these are frequently overlooked places, but they can become big issues during the sales process. Make a repair list […]

Wet Basements

The Constant Problem of Wet Basements Water can be sneaky, especially when it comes to basements. You walk down to your basement and see evidence of moisture: condensation on the walls, peeling paint, tiles lifting off the floor or a white hued deposit on the walls that’s called efflorescence. All basements simply want to fill […]